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We need some information to understand your business, so that we can portrait your project according to your business needs.

1.Please describe your Business

2. Who are your Customers?

3. What are your Products & Services?

4. Do you have an existing website? What’s prompted you to inquire about a new website? (Please provide website address)

Website 1

Website 2

5. Please describe your other marketing & communications activity

6. What are your computing & internet capabilities?

Website Features & Contents


P1. What are your objectives & expectations of a website

2.Please describe the target audience for your website?

3.Is the content and material to be published (e.g. text, images, logos) already available, or does it require production?

4. Do you need help writing the text for the website?

5.How often would your website be updated or added to?(e.g. new product or service, latest news)


1. Please describe the specific items of information that you’d like to publish on your website (e.g. “about us”, description of products or services, images, latest news, contact page, inquiry form, map, downloadable documents, etc.)

Website Features & Contents


1. What is the target launch date for your website?

2.When would your content be available?(Please list each item if possible)

3.In Future

4.Over time, what changes to your business would need to be reflected in your website? (e.g. seasonal business, marketing campaigns, special offers, announcements, product changes)

Website Features & Contents


Please describe (or attach to an email) any existing corporate branding. (e.g. colours, designs, logos, “house style”)

Are you considering Print Media? If yes then what existing printed media does your business have?

Please list any websites you admire and give the reasons you like them

Please list the website addresses of your main competitors

What would you like website visitors to think about your business?

Website Features & Contents

Technology & Team

Apart from you, is there anyone else who needs to be involved in the project?

Are you able to review work and respond quickly during the production of your website?

Do you already have a supplier for email?

Do you need to develop mobile application as well if yes what are the technologies?
(Native Android, Native IOS, Hybrid )

Contact Details

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Phone No

Company Name

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